We are moving Magnum Arena to the new localisation. From July 2019 to February 2020 we are closed.

Follow our facebook's fanpage to get fresh informations about it.

You will get:

  • uniform (trousers and shirt)
  • mask Stalker
  • gloves ArmoredClaw or PortWest
  • cap or winter cap
  • glasses or if you do not have contact lenses but wear corrective glasses: googles

Take with you:

  • comfortable, sporty shoes
  • t-shirt and underwear to change after game
  • contact lenses if you wear corrective glasses


  • hoodie
  • termoactive trousers or sporty trousers
  • go-pro camera or another
  • contact lenses if you wear corrective glasses
  • your own clothes to play like blouse and sporty trousers - cheaper 10PLN/person

Leave in cahnging room:

  • cell phone, watch etc.
  • any jawelry
  • sharp things
  • pirotechnics materials
  • alkohol, cigarettes etc.

If there are any questions feel free to ask.

We organize two games in the same time, which are completly independent. Zamknij CALENDAR_TIP - Open the calendar in a new window