We are moving Magnum Arena to the new localisation. From July 2019 to February 2020 we are closed.

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Do you remember that sometime we could buy in "chinese" shop spring guns shooting little yellow bullets? Technology has been significantly improved in this field. Now we have rifles deceptively like real weapon. They are powered by LiPo batteries - the same as the latest smartphones and computers have. Gears and neodymium engines allow to achieve 15 - 30 rate of fire. Craft wiring, electronic systems that control mechanisms inside... But that is not it.

The most important is precise of working. Imagine that ballistic bullet cal. 6mm (bb) is fired by 6,01mm to 6,10mm barrel. Additionally we have systems like: hop-up and electrnic mosfet and we have modern ASG rifle.

Paintball was the first group-shooting-game. During paintball we shoot using gas-container connected with a piece of pipe and from above messy bullets fall inside this pipe. Hit hurts and can leave rather big bruise. That why we do not fight at close range.

Then lasertag was created. Usually we call it laser paintball. There is no bullet. There is laser and sensors. It is hard to consider that is realistic because during fights we do not use any bullets and hits count only when laser strike on specified vest or another point.

ASG not only merge advantages of classic paintball or laser, but it seems better. Why?

  • we fight at every range (bullet is very light and small),
  • precisely working rifles force tactics,
  • more bullets in price and cheaper additional bullets (compared to paintball)
  • two fire adjustements: semi-fire and full auto
  • fully realistic guns
  • there is possibility to adapt lenght of the cob and install additionally accessories like lights, red-dot sights, tactic grips and others.

Equipment is nothing when games are boring.
Add great games and scenarios, CQB conditions - dynamic fights at close range and unique climate of old hospital, and we have Magnum. A pinch of professional staff, high quality accessories like glasses, masks, team pads and always fresh uniforms, gloves, hats, caps and we have Magnum Arena.


  • Unfortunately, as in any hardware there are damages. We have a lot of everything, so if anything wrong we change it or try to fix in 10 seconds. WE DO NOT DURDEN ANY FEES IF SOMETHING IS BROKEN or destroyed.
  • Hits from close range can be painful. That why the youngest players should be 13 years old. Of course we can make an agreement that we are not fighting from close range and we use only semi-fire. This option is especially recommended for more sensitive players.
  • But calm down. Hit from 10 meters is entirely painful, but noticeably.
  • Players have to play fair. If someone is not leaving the game after hit, he or she will break the game. Fortunately, players deal with situations like this so quickly.



Anyway see for yourself. We invite you to make reservation for game or party. WE have fixed open hours. Come and visit us. We will show, make a tour and get to know each other ;)

If you do not have possibility to visit us, just look for opinions for example in our facebook fanpage.

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