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Professional ASG Gdańsk replica service

We deal with modifications, tuning and repairs of ASG rifles on site at the Magnum Arena.

Our experience and approach to the topic gives you the highest quality of service and confidence on the battlefield.

Each service acceptance is confirmed by the “Service acceptance card”.

After the service, you receive a “Card of receipt from the site” which confirms the scope of our interference and a guarantee. For subsequent resale, you have service documentation from an authorized source.


We keep a record of the service history of your replicas. Even if a document gets lost, we’ll issue a duplicate without any problems.

Before receiving from a replica, the customer must check whether the effect achieved by our website is satisfactory for him. We have a large facility for ASG games and a point for shooting rifles. You can see the flight path of the ball perfectly up to 60 meters.

Reserve yourself about 10-15 minutes to receive the replica and about 10-15 minutes on delivery.

Polarstar USA - service, assembly, distribution

We also distribute, service and assemble this US HP system.

Please contact us to discuss the details.

Polarstar website


ASG service price list of basic services

Zero gearbox review
Cleaning, lubrication, system positioning
No component replacement
The service does not guarantee a replica coverage
The warranty covers the correct assembly of the GB
Electronics and electrics
If the activity is not carried out "by the way", additional cost for opening the gearbox: 79 PLN
The prices include the cost of the cabling, without the price of the electronic system
wiring replacement: 99 PLN
standard mosfet assembly: PLN 49
assembly and programming of the Perun optical system: PLN 99
soldering: 20 PLN
Exchange or correct submission
chamber, hop-up rubber and / or barrel
+ part price
Full fault diagnosis
No repair order
In case of resignation after quote
Basic review
Customer balls required
Barrel cleaning
Shot replica and hop-up setting
Sights setting
Power check
Engine adjustment (if present and required)
Tightening external screws