We are moving Magnum Arena to the new localisation. From July 2019 to February 2020 we are closed.

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There is nothing more effective in team building than solid team game. Place and equipment is really serious. But real satisfaction brings successes in completed task during the cooperation. ASG gameplay integrates and teach:

  • respond to the constantly changing situation
  • operations in stress and time pressure
  • team communication
  • team thinking
  • and develops reflexes

Offer especially directed for companies, schools, universities and adaptive events.

Offer Game time Ammunition
per player
Additional 100 rounds
of ammunition
Price per person
Monday - Thursday
Price per person
Friday - Sunday
1. 1 hour 300 5 PLN 45 PLN 49 PLN
2. 1,5 hour 450 5 PLN 59 PLN 69 PLN
3. 2 hours 600 5 PLN 75 PLN 89 PLN
4. 2,5 hours 900 5 PLN 89 PLN 109 PLN
5. 3 hours 1200 5 PLN 105 PLN 129 PLN

Advenced scenarios for your team in price!

All gorups have exlusive event. Our specialists can make for you games and scenarios that you can choose from our catalogue.

During the event are played usually 4 different calssic scenarios within one hour. We can prepare also special games:

Championship – exceptional teams fights in dynamic games. Two teams that have the highest number of points will fight in a grand final. Prize is Supercup ASG. (If there is more than 50 people, we can make two rounds and separately final). We recomend to make team shirts or prepare any team differentiators.
In view of duration and amount of shoten amunition, price for championship is determined individually..

Adventure – Two teams are looking for treasures in nooks and crannies in old hospital. Finds should be sold to tradesman and gain special cash. If you tell a story of treasure you will get extra money. If you combine many finds in one great device it could be the most valuable. But be careful! There are many robbers waiting for you.
This game could be prepared in price for two-hours game and more.

Hosts – Players are divided into two teams: counter-terrorists and terrorists. CT has to evacuate fully healthy vip. Vip has special mark on his back, which should be hit to eliminte him. Full CT team moves special way, but T can move where they want.
This game could be prepared in price for two-hours game and more.

Realization scenario - First team get set of tasks. Another team is "disturbing team". After first round is switch sides. Team that made tasks the most completly and the fastest - win. This game is one of the most dynamic. In 10-12 minutes teams realize about 5-6 tasks during running between 6 floors. Prepare for pirotechnic effects.
This game could be prepared in price for two-hours game and more.

There is a possibility to take shower after shooting. It costs 160 PLN/group.

Every player is equipped with:

  • full uniform, hat/cap + protection for face and eyes and professional gloves ArmoredClaw
  • high quality ASG gun

All games are leaded by specialists.

Do you have individual idea for game? Tell us about it!

→ There is a possibility to organize catering.

We can issue an invoice or simple bill.

We organize two games in the same time, which are completly independent. Zamknij CALENDAR_TIP - Open the calendar in a new window