Weekend in Gdańsk

There is a huge number of tourist attractions in Gdańsk and in the whole Tri-City. How to choose the best accommodation? Hotel, hostel, apartment? We've been in this industry for some time - we'll be happy to help

We work with many companies offering various forms of attraction around the city. What do you fancy? Or maybe we can suggest something that you didn’t think of before?

Tourist attractions in the Tri-City

When looking for forms of active rest, many people focus on sports arena-type entertainment complexes. Magnum Arena is one of such places. We focus on ASG, some of you may have not even heard about such form entertainment so it’s a completely new discovery for many people.

We assure you that there are many places which are less popular and equally attractive worth visiting in Gdansk and the Tri-City in general.

Lasertag, classic paintball in the woods, arena or maybe shooting range with real firearms? These are options similar to our business. We strongly recommend escape rooms, go-kart tracks, off-road rallies, quads, climbing walls, rope parks or aqua-parks. There is a lot of fun in Tri-city.

Overnight in Gdansk for a bachelor party or company trip?

How to avoid surprises when choosing a place to stay? Leave it to us. We know our city and we know where it is the most comfortable. Let us know about your plans and let us prepare a list of interesting places in Gdansk or Tri-City that are worth visiting. And for a special password you will receive an additional discount.

Cheaper, better, what more could you want?

Contact us. Let’s talk and determine the details of the trip. We will present our proposals completely free of charge. If you will like our offer. We will try searching for discounts and we will take care of everything so that it goes without any complications.

We organize:

  • Accommodation, hotels, hostels, apartments
  • Tourist attractions in the Tri-City and the surrounding areas
  • Taxi, individual drivers and super car drivers for the whole group exclusive, limousines, party-buses
  • Personal protection
  • Sexy dancers, safe Go-Go clubs
  • Cruises and adventures on RIB boats
  • Lodges and VIP rooms in the best clubs
  • Concierge services

Throw yourself into the vortex of events without worrying about putting everything to the last button.