Stag party

Bachelor party in Gdansk? Are you looking for emotions during the day and original forms of spending time?

Bachelor party is one of those events that we would like to make them unforgettable. An epic adventure, often shrouded in mystery, but certainly – full of exciting experiences.

The Tri-City is certainly one of the most interesting places on the map of Poland. Especially when organizing a bachelor party.

There are plenty of unusual monuments and charming natural wonders. Sopot is number one among clubs and night parties. Many choose this direction especially because they will also find amazing tourist attractions here. Magnum Arena belongs to one of them. A huge hall for ASG paintball games almost in the very center of Gdańsk. This is what organizers of stag nights or corporate events are looking for.

The best fun at its best.

The object is specially adapted to this type of fun. Great equipment and refined gameplay scenarios. Full facilities (toilets, cloakrooms, armory, VipRoom) and refined gameplay scenarios available to almost everyone on two game tracks with an area of ​​over 1500m2.

See below what more we can prepare for you on the occasion of a bachelor party. In our blog you will also find tips that will help you plan this event.

Adventure on the occasion of a bachelor party in Gdansk


A strong start to the events on this occasion is a good start to the whole event! The ASG paintball game is a strong dose of adrenaline before the next attractions during the bachelor party.

Especially for this occasion, we have prepared for you several special games and a unique, unique, one of a kind in the entire Tri-City – a pink carabiner for the groom.

The best attractions in the Tri-City? You just found one of them.

Each participant receives from us

  • high quality carabiners to choose from the armory
  • clean and hygienic accessories (uniform, sweatshirt, gloves and masks)
  • masks covered with an additional layer to prevent fogging. It actually works as it should!

Every bachelor party is a closed event.

We play in a closed circle of invited friends, and the games are run by animators.

We have two game paths. There may be a situation that at the same time there will be another party on the next track. Games are run independently.

In addition to the classic simple scenarios, we recommend our special games for bachelor parties:

Treasure seekers
The teams compete with each other for cool drinks hidden in the recesses of the Arena. Teams fight each other throughout the game to enjoy their achievements in the final.
One vs each other
A challenge for a bachelor party for the groom. Alone or with one helper he will face the rest of the team. It has as many lives as there are all participants. Others have one life.

What distinguishes our offer for a bachelor party

Adapted to the climate of the bachelor party, various gameplay scenarios
Scenarios organized as part of the bachelor party at Magnum Arena Gdańsk are several dynamic games and two special games. In addition to the classic fight for the flag or domination, you'll take on special challenges: the Groom versus the entire team and hidden treasure hunters.
High-quality equipment in two power variants
High-quality equipment with a choice of power: less for those who are afraid of pain and stronger for a stronger experience of fun.
Location, close to the center of Gdansk
This makes it not only easy to reach us, but also easy to get back or to the next attractions of the evening.
Fresh and hygienic, disinfected equipment
Uniforms and gloves are washed and masks disinfected with Velox fluid each time.
Activities all year round, regardless of the weather
Whether rain or snow - our hall is a covered building all year round. Showers and a cloakroom are available on site.
Affordable price and cheaper extra balls
Compared to a classic paintball, you get a larger ammunition in the price and even if you run out, additional balls PLN 7.5

Stag night Gdańsk price list

1h game
+0,5 preparation
Full equipment for every player
300 balls per player included
2-3 simple scenarios
+ 1 special scenario
VIP room after the game included in the price (additional reservation required)
69 zł/ person
1,5h game
+0,5 preparation
Full equipment for every player
450 balls per player included
2-3 simple scenarios
+ 2 special scenarios
VIP room after the game included in the price (additional reservation required)
Optimal variant for bachelor parties
99 zł/ person
2h game
+0,5 preparation
Full equipment for every player
600 bullets per player included
3-4 simple scenarios
+ 2 special scenarios
VIP room after the game included in the price (additional reservation required)
129 zł/ person

An additional 100 balls is PLN 7.5

What more can we offer as part of the bachelor party in Gdansk:

  • A weekend in Gdansk? We are happy to organize the entire bachelor party. Check
  • VIP room after the game for 1.5 hours (free, reservation required) – the ability to organize your own drinks and food
  • It is possible to invite an exotic dancer
  • You can take a bath after the game. Shower option after the game: 5 PLN / person
  • Do you have an individual idea? Please contact us

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