Advanced games

Advanced games are more demanding:

Advanced games are characterized by:


  • more complicated tasks
  • different goals for teams
  • more time is needed to win
  • different methods od re spawn
  • team play is highly recommended

Advanced games list:

  • Bomb – one team plants the bomb, another try to prevent or to defuse it
  • Counter-Strike – one team rescues hostages, another plants the bomb. Who will be first?
  • Prisoners – hit enemy can be put in jail to get points for your team. Escape from prison is allowed :)
  • Convoy – take valuables and put it to your base until enemy catch you
  • Safes – find your key, open your safe before enemy does
  • Realization – some easy tasks which we do one by one switching fields
  • Treasure rooms – collect treasures to you room but remember that enemy can steal it
  • Shahid – you should find neutral player to set a bomb.
  • Hot pack – put the bomb as close enemy base as you can