The best equipment, sensational facility, various gameplay scenarios

Animators who take care of the group throughout the event take care of the quality of the game. They prepare scenarios and take care of the course of fun by controlling events.


We offer games and discuss their rules. We can play something simple and we can play something more complicated.

The gameplay at Magnum Arena itself is the so-called: CQB (close quarter battles), i.e. close combat in urbanized areas. We shoot in the area simulating buildings and rooms. The game is very dynamic and demanding. Thanks to the light ball and relatively low power we can shoot from any distance which increases realism to the maximum. Exchange often takes place at distances of 2-3 meters. No worries. The game is safe.

Each group that is first equipped is equipped with equipment and is trained to use it.



Gameplay is a combination of team shooting and performing tasks according to a specific scenario. Team fight and satisfaction with the implementation of the mission are the pleasures we offer.


Respawn on hit


It all depends Cod the gameplay scenario. Most often, we spawn without limit at the starting point within 5 seconds. There are games where there is only one or two lives. See our special game: Zombie Rush


ATP – Polish airsoft league


ASG can be trained. For many it’s just fun – and great. For others, it’s regular training and skill development.