The game

The best equipment, incredible facility, various gameplay scenarios

Animators take care of the group throughout the event, they prepare scenarios, ensure safety and lead the game.


We explain scenarios and discuss their rules. We can play something simple or more complicated.

The game at Magnum Arena takes place in so-called CQB (close quarters battle) enviroment . We play room to room and shoot from any distance what increases realism to the max. Engagements often takes place at distances from 2 to 3 meters. No worries. The game is safe.

Each group is first equipped with their gear and then trained to use it.

Game scenarios


Our games are a combination of shooting and performing tasks according to a specific scenario. Teamplay and satisfaction of completing the mission are the pleasures we offer.


Respawn after hit


It all depends the gameplay scenario. Most of the times, we respawn without life limits at the starting point within 5 seconds. However, there are games where we have only one or two lives.


ATP – Polish airsoft league


Airsoft can be trained. For many it’s just about fun, for others, it’s about regular training and skill development.