How do we prepare the equipment?

For your comfort, we make every effort to ensure that our ASG rifles are fully functional, clothes are fresh and hygienic and the arena is tidy.

We have introduced quality standards and system solutions to avoid shortcomings. We constantly check each other to see if everything has been done correctly. See how we prepare the equipment.

ASG replicas- guns we shoot

Before each game, the gun goes through so-called zeroing. We replace the battery, replenish ammunition and inspect the operation of the mechanism. The gun should respond well to the trigger, not make any noises, the magazine should sit well in the magwell, all components should be intact.


The batteries are charged with Redox Alpha v2 microprocessor chargers that control the correct voltage on the cells.


After every game we check fire the rifles to control power and range. In case of faulty parameters, the equipment goes to the repair table.


We have on-site service for our equipment.

Valken Gotcha MI-3 masks

Full face protection and safety are provided by certified Valken Gotcha MI-3 masks. Their design is ergonomic, and thanks to rubber bands we can adjust the mask to both smaller and larger heads. Masks protect the entire face and can be worn over prescription glasses, although this is not a completely comfortable solution.

Two mask colors for two teams – we can easily recognize friend or foe.

After the game, the masks are washed with hot water and soap. Later we spray them with Velox disinfectant spray. Each player receives a hygienically clean and odorless mask.

We are aware of how annoying are fogging masks. Therefore, before each game, we lubricate masks with Abbey anti-fog agent.

Flecktarn uniforms

As part of the equipment, you receive reliable Flecktarn uniforms. From 20 available sizes we can fit them to almost everyone.

We recommend you to only take a shirt. Take own sports pants or sweatpants with you, it is much more comfortable to play.

The Bielik laundry takes care for the cleanliness of our uniforms. Each time the used uniforms go to the cart and wait for collection by the laundry.

If the cleanliness of the uniform raises your doubts – please report it to the staff!

PortWest protective gloves

Heavy duty gloves provide you with confidence in operation. First of all, they allow you to work comfortably with the gun, secondly, they protect your hands against abrasions or wounds.

On the outside they are made of solid material, while on the inside they are made of leather.

The manufacturer of the gloves is Port West.

Gloves come in 5 sizes. From very small (XS) to very large (XXL).

The gloves are cleaned by the laundry. Equipment you receive from us is either odorless or smells like washing powder :)