What is paintball ASG?

The most important features our Paintball ASG system

Scenarios, game modes
Intresting and engaging tasks from categories: easy, dynamic, advanced and challenges
Only high quality equipment
You should demand from the gear to meet your expectations. Two levels of power and three classes of quality. Choose yours.
Masks that !do not fogging!
We will make sure that your mask ensures the comfort of fun. We use our original liquid that eliminates the fogging effect makes the game even better.
Uniforms are clean and fresh
Inside our arena there are loundry and disinfection room.Our equipment smells nice. Masks are washed in two stages - they are hygienically clean.
Huge field inside fully covered building for 2-40 players
Our instructors are ready to make games for even only two players. We can play even if there are more than 40 people in one time
Localisation - almost City Centre of Gdansk Danzig
It is very easy to get to our arena. By car, by taxi, by tram. Near the entrance there is free parking.

Comparison with classic paintball

The bullet is not equal to the bullet
In our system bullet does not have a paint inside. It is lighter and smaller. That's why the game is clean and hits are less painful. We can even shoot from every range.
So, if there are no paint inside how can I recognize that I hit someone?
You can see the bullet and you can feel the hit. It is not necessary to leave mark with paint on uniform. It is enough to feel and see that. Thousands of customers confirm that it works perfectly!
Guns look like real
Check our website's photos :)

Paintball ASG vs Lasertag electronic paintball

We shoot using bullets, not laser
We see the bullet and we feel hits. Adrenaline is so much bigger when we hear that bullets hit obstacles. You can choose if you are looking for lighter game with lower power or full adrenaline with full power.
Children from 10yo are looking for more seriuos games
The field on Magnum Arena and scenarios are more demanding for players. Because of that more satisfying.
Despite of that we shoot with bullets the game is safe
All games are guided by professional instructor. High quality gear and years of our experience provide you best experience :)

Check our opinions in Google and Facebook

A sensational place! Mr. Kamil nice and extremely helpful. Excellent. Also fantastic Mr. Kuba! He talked with such passion about this place and his work that not one orator is a match for him 120% of passion. It was really fantastic to go in there and hear everything I heard, see what I saw :) Brilliant place and people! I recommend it highly! Even talking to these men is a fantastic adventure! Sooooo thank you Mr. Kamil and Mr. Kuba! I had a fantastic time there!
Joanna Irena A. Jabczyńska
Great place for play. Paintball ASG better than classic paintball. I will return here for the next game :)
Karol Kaczorowski
Who likes such games will be delighted, and whoever does not, must look for other impressions
Łuaksz Detlaff
Feel the thril shooting with your friends! Play different game scenarios with Magnum Arena staff taking care of you all the time and all of this for decent price! Cool place.
Marek Gąsiorowski

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Paintball, with a modern twist

Paintball ASG is a team game in which we shoot replica guns at each other to eliminate other players from the game. The person that has been hit returns to the respawn zone from where they return to the game. In addition to the shooting, we prepare various game modes, which we call scenarios. Scenarios can vary from simple ones like team vs. team, capture the flag or defenders vs. attackers to more sophisticated ones like Counter-Strike, plant the bomb or bank robbery.

The game we lead at Magnum Arena is the so-called CQB (close quarters battle), in definition it means close combat in urbanized areas. The area we play in simulates various buildings and rooms. The game is very dynamic and intense. Thanks to the light bullets and relatively low powered guns we can safely shoot from any distance, thus increasing realism to the max. Engagements often take place at distances of 2-3 meters ; But no worries, the game is safe.


Plastic BB pellets we shoot do not include paint. Thanks to this:

  • A better distributed center of gravity makes the pellet fly more precisely,
  • The lighter pellet hurts less after impact and allows us to shoot safely from any distance,
  • The ammunition is cheaper and therefore we have more shots at a lower price.

Brief history of the ASG (Air Soft Gun) system

After the Second World War, Japan developed a training system using replicas of weapons, propelling composite plastic bullets. This system allowed to safely develop the skills of soldiers while providing high realism of safe training. Later, this solution became available to public and spread around the world. The technology has developed to such an extent that modern airsoft guns are driven by electronic systems, steel gear sets, motors with neodymium magnets and powered by Lithium Polymer batteries, widely used in modern laptops or smartphones.

In several countries, this system is illegal or needs a permit to have it. Fortunately in Poland, these rifles are treated by the law as toys. Our armory is based on the renowned airsoft guns manufacturer: G&G Armament as well as refined constructions from JG Works.

Respawns after hits are quick and the scenarios give a lot of satisfaction from victory - there's no point in cheating

Paintball ASG combines the advantages of classic paintball and lasertag:

  • You are physically dealing with bullets just like in paintball, but thanks to them producing less energy players feel them less. In addition, thanks to the choice of lower power rifles, you can completely stop being afraid of pain from being hit.
  • The ball pellets fly precisely and have the range of 35-50 meters. You can easily hit a small part of another player and don’t have to focus on any sensors. Respawns are fast, and fair victory gives the most satisfaction – so there’s no point in cheating.
  • Ammunition is cheaper and you get more of it from the start. More shooting – more fun :)
  • You can decide for yourself if you want to suppress the opposing team with fully automatic firing mode, or you prefer to precisely eliminate players with the single shot mode.
  • A multitude of game modes including simple, advanced, special or night games. You will receive detailed explanations of each scenario before the game from the animator. Each visit to Magnum Arena can be different. The ASG system lifts restrictions related to the gameplay possibilities.
  • Two independent and different game areas have the possibility of combining them into one large Arena. Up to 44 people can participate in the game at the same time.
  • Is your group only 3, 4 or 5 people? No problem. We have prepared scenarios for a smaller number of players
  • Your group consists of 40 people? Piece of cake. Magnum Arena can accommodate up to 44 players at the same time.

Two types of guns to choose from.

Standard power to feel the full adrenaline and lower power for players afraid of feeling pain from the hits. Hits from the guns (sometimes even with reduced power) may be more noticeable if we get hit in the hand or exposed part of the body but it’s still safe. Even people as young as 10 years old can take part in our games.

Sometimes, but very rarely, there are people who spoil the fun for others by not following the rules. Game masters always try to take care about such situations.

Although we make every effort to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition, there may be malfunctions during the games – report it to us as soon as possible. We will change it.

We treat Paintball ASG as a serious fun. It’s safe and fun as long as you follow the safety rules and regulations.

Why us?

Various game scenarios ranging from simple to very advanced
We can play many game scenarios varying from simple, dynamic and intense to advanced; more demanding and very satisfying.
High-quality guns with two different power settings
Our guns have two power settings available: high power for people searching for more adrenaline and low power for participants searching for a less intense experience (very suitable for younger players, even 10+ years old)
Clean and fresh uniforms. Disinfected, non-fogging protective masks
Our uniforms and gloves are taken care of by us. Protective masks are washed at high temperature and disinfected with Mikrozid disinfectant, additionally they are coated with anti-fog agent - it really works!
Games all year round, regardless of the weather
Our facility is a covered hall with an area of 1800 square meters. Inside your find cloakrooms, showers, an armory and two separate game areas for up to 44 people playing simultaneously.
Location close to the center of Gdansk
It is very easy to reach us by car, tram or bicycle.
Special offers and discounts for students
Check our price list - it definitely pays off.

Stag party or a team building event in Gdansk?

Paintball ASG is an excellent option for making your event diverse and interesting. We have developed special scenarios for stag partiesadvanced team building games for company meetings, birthday fun games and have a special room for guests.

Or maybe you want get into the hobby, buy your own equipment and start training regularly? Bicycle, running, gym, dancing? ASG!

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How much does it cost?

The price depends of a day, start time, game lenght and equipment class.

Examples from our price list:

  • 1,5h games + preparations with full equipment in Saturday is 139PLN/person 
  • 1h games + preparations with full equipment in Friday or Sunday is 99PLN/person
  • 1h games + preparations with full equipment for students in Monday-Thursday between 10:00 and 15:00 is 69 PLN/person

Detailed price list is here: [CLICK THE LINK]

How to make reservation?

Fill reservation form. Click “Book a game” box in main menu

Send us an email to bok@magnumarena.pl or contact us through Facebook’s messenger.

Call us: +48505978511

How does the game look like?

  1. Every game is guided by set instructor to your group. We will take care about games, safety and technician issues.
  2. Firstly we have preparations. You will get uniforms, gloves and masks in the changing rooms. Then you choose your bb gun and we explain rules.
  3. Warm-up for the first game that let players get first experience with the game before harder games
  4. Next are dynamic games like Flags, Dominations or similar
  5. Then we play more advanced like Bank Robbery or CounterStrike
  6. After time has elapsed we finish the game. Meeting in changing room to hand over the equipment

Does it hurt? Is it painful?

  • We have two levels of power that you can choose: stronger guns for full adrenaline and stronger experience after hit or lower power guns for people looking for lighter game, where hits are safe even for players 10 years old
  • Bullet is much more lighter than in classic paintball. Energy of bullet is lower. But it can be still painful because of piercing/stinging effect. Lower power eliminates this effect to minimum with enough range and accurate of shoots

What is the limit of age?

  • Younger players than 10yo should not take part in the game
  • The minimum age of player is 10 years old

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12:00 - 20:00 (12pm - 8pm)
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