What is paintball ASG?

Paintball ASG in a modern version!

Paintball ASG is a team game in which we shoot at each other and eliminate each other from the game. The hit person descends to the place of respawn, from where he returns to the game. In addition to the usual shooting, we also prepare various game modes, which we call scenarios. Scenarios can be simple flagship or a bit more complicated, such as Counter-Strike.

The gameplay at Magnum Arena itself is the so-called: CQB (close quarter battles), i.e. close combat in urbanized areas. We shoot in the area simulating buildings and rooms. The game is very dynamic and demanding. Thanks to the light ball and relatively low power we can shoot from any distance which increases realism to the maximum. Exchange often takes place at distances of 2-3 meters. No worries. The game is safe.

  • We shoot balls without paint. Thanks to this:
  • A better distributed center of gravity makes the ball fly more precisely,
  • The lighter ball primarily hurts less after hitting, and also allows us to shoot from any distance,
  • The balls are cheaper, and therefore we have more shooting at a lower price

Brief history of the ASG (Air Soft Gun) system

Japan after the Second World War developed a training system using replicas of weapons, propelling missiles composite. The system allowed to safely develop the skills of soldiers while providing high realism of training. Later, the solutions went to toys and spread around the world. The technology has developed to such an extent that these toys received electronic mechanisms controlling mechanisms, steel gears, motors with neodymium magnets and the whole is powered by Lithium Polymer batteries, known even from modern laptops or smartphones.

In several countries, the system is illegal or you need a permit to have equipment. Fortunately in Poland, these rifles are treated as toys. Our armory is based on the renowned manufacturer of G&G Armament rifles and tuning parts as well as refined constructions from JG Works.

"Rebirths after hits are quick and the scenarios give a lot of satisfaction from completed tasks - therefore cheating makes no sense"

Paintball ASG combines the advantages of classic paintball and lasertag:

  • You are physically dealing with crutches, as in paintball, but thanks to less energy it is much less felt. In addition, thanks to the choice of reduced power rifles, you can completely stop being afraid of pain from hitting.
  • The ball flies precisely enough and its range is 35-50 meters. You can easily hit a small piece of another player without focusing on the sensors. Rebirths are fast, and fair victory gives the most satisfaction – so what’s the point of cheating.
  • Ammunition is cheaper and more from the very beginning. More shooting – more fun :)
  • Decide for yourself if you are crazy about a full-car, or you prefer to eliminate more players with a single shot
  • A multitude of game modes including simple, advanced or night games. You receive detailed explanations of the mission before the game from the animator. Each visit to Magnum Arena can be different. The ASG system lifts restrictions related to the gameplay possibilities.
  • Two independent and different game paths with the possibility of combining them into one large Arena. Even 44 people can participate in the game at the same time
  • Are you only 3, 4 or 5 people? No problem. We have prepared scenarios also for a smaller number of players
  • Are you 44 people? Calmly. Magnum Arena can accommodate just such a maximum number of people

Two types of guns to choose from. Stronger for full adrenaline and weaker, for players afraid of getting hit pain. Hits even from guns with an additional reduced power may be more noticeable if we get in the hand or exposed part of the body. It is still safe fun and can be used by people over 10 years old.

Very rarely, but there are people who especially spoil the fun of others, clearly not following the rules. Game masters try to influence such situations.

Although we make every effort to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition, there may be breakdowns during play – report it to us as soon as possible. We will exchange it.
We treat Paintball ASG as a lot of fun. It’s safe as long as you follow the safety rules and regulations.

Why us?

Various game scenarios
Simple, fast and less complicated scenarios and advanced, more demanding and no less satisfying scenarios.
Guns in two power options
Tough rifles with more power and equipment for people looking for less intense shooting sensations, even for players from 10 years.
Fresh and clean uniforms. Disinfected and non-steaming masks.
Fresh and clean uniforms. Disinfected and non-steaming masks.
Activities all year round, regardless of the weather
The Bielik laundry is taking care of uniforms and gloves. The masks are washed at high temperature and disinfected with Velox liquid. Masks additionally coated with anti-fog agent - it really works!
The arena is almost in the center of Gdańsk
It is very easy to reach us by car, tram or bicycle.
Special offer for pupils and students
Check our offer yourself. PLN 55 and an hour of great fun - it pays off.

Bachelor party or company event in Gdansk?

Paintball ASG is an excellent option for diversifying various events. We have developed special scenarios for stag nights, we offer advanced integration games for company meetings, birthday madness and a room for guests’ refreshments.

Or maybe you get into the game, buy your own equipment and start training regularly? Bicycle, running, gym, dance? ASG!