How to prepare to the game?

Are you planning a party at the Magnum Arena in Gdańsk? Tell the crew to read this information.


Infographic showing the player in the set of equipment.

1ASG gun
You can choose from over 60 different carabiners with more or less power. Let us know in advance which power variant you choose
2Full mask Valken
A disinfected mask with anti-fog coating. The mask protects the entire face and fits on every head thanks to the adjustment system. Maybe a little push :) But it does not evaporate
3Gloves Port West
Good gloves protect our hands. 5 sizes from smallest to very large (from 7 to 11.5)
4Uniform Flectarn
20 sizes of uniforms washed after the game. Shirt and pants, although we recommend you only take a shirt and have your sweatpants. It is simply more convenient to run, squat and even work in your pants.

You will receive from us in the equipment package:


  • Valken Gotcha mi-3 mask (in red and blue for two teams) –
  • Uniform: sweatshirts in 20 sizes + pants option, but we recommend you take your tracksuits or other comfortable for running and sport
  • ASG gun to choose from different models and two power levels
  • Stock of ammunition depending on the selected length of play – an additional 100 balls is PLN 7.5
  • Decent Port West gloves in 5 sizes
  • Support for an animator who cares about technical issues, security, preparation and running games


Take with you:


  • Comfortable, preferably sports shoes that can be dusty
  • Uniform clothing – for full comfort, we recommend putting on a T-shirt + tracksuit or thermoactive clothing, and a thicker sweatshirt in winter
  • Underwear to be changed after the game
  • Towel and flip flops if you use the shower
  • Most prescription glasses fit under the mask, although we recommend putting on lenses
  • Small for a vending machine with drinks and snacks
  • about PLN 15 for additional balls is worth having


Additionally you can take:


  • Go-Pro camera or similar
  • Your disguise, uniform (cheaper by PLN 10)
  • Observers who do not participate in the game – there is an observation deck to observe the course of fun of others
  • Your drinks, snacks


Lock on the locker in the locker room:


  • Phone and watch
  • Jewelry, especially earrings, rings with stones, necklaces, bracelets
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc.
  • Knives and other sharp objects
  • All pyrotechnics, gas grenades and other similar types



You can play in your own clothes without borrowing uniforms from us.

Then it is 10 PLN / person cheaper!