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ASG- paintball with a modern twist
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Why is ASG better than classic paintball?

We use replicas that look like real guns, the biggest difference is the ammunition- ASG replicas use 6mm plastic BB pellets that don’t include any paint, because of that, they have many advantages such as:

  • lighter bullets- hits are less painful and we can shoot from any distance without fear
  • hits not leaving paint marks on clothing – the game is clean and, despite the lack of hit traces, everyone is having a great time
  • bullets being cheaper –  you get a lot more shots at a smaller price
  • high precision and quality of the replicas – the precision and range of the shots is superb

Why is ASG better than a laser tag?

  • you can sense the bullet impact – because of that, level of adrenaline is much higher – in the lasertag the gun simply stops working
  • we can prepare various game scenarios – in laser tag, we rarely play anything other than simple team vs. team
  • sounds of shots, whizzing BB pellets flying and hitting obstacles around us during the game are real and cause shivers on the whole body – in the lasertag, only sounds we hear are artificial gunshots played via the speakers
  • although you have to admit that the lasertag works better among children and people looking for less intense game, ASG makes for a great experience full of adrenaline and fun that is also very relaxing

Customer revievs

Great place for play. Paintball ASG better than classic paintball. I will return here for the next game :)
Karol Kaczorowski
A sensational place! Mr. Kamil nice and extremely helpful. Excellent. Also fantastic Mr. Kuba! He talked with such passion about this place and his work that not one orator is a match for him 120% of passion. It was really fantastic to go in there and hear everything I heard, see what I saw :) Brilliant place and people! I recommend it highly! Even talking to these men is a fantastic adventure! Sooooo thank you Mr. Kamil and Mr. Kuba! I had a fantastic time there!
Joanna Irena A. Jabczyńska
Who likes such games will be delighted, and whoever does not, must look for other impressions
Łuaksz Detlaff
Feel the thril shooting with your friends! Play different game scenarios with Magnum Arena staff taking care of you all the time and all of this for decent price! Cool place.
Marek Gąsiorowski

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