Birthday party

A remarkable birthday party in Gdansk combined with a dose of adrenaline during the ASG paintball team game?

Magnum Arena is a great place to meet friends and have fun together. After the game, we invite you to organize refreshments in our party room. Order what you like best. First a bit of adrenaline, then a birthday cake, pizza and favorite drinks – this is a recipe for an unforgettable birthday party in Gdansk.

Paintball ASG is not only a great option for birthday parties

It’s also a great way of spending time with friends. The birthday game is an opportunity to meet and have fun together.


Regardless of your age: 10, 15, 18, 21, 30 or 50 years old, playing ASG paintball is for everyone – even for the girls!


If younger (10-13 years) players want to take part or your group wants to have a little less intense experience-  we will use reduced power rifles. Groups searching for a bigger dose of adrenaline will be able to use standard powered guns.

Birthday party for Small Commandos (from 10 years old)

Specially for younger participants, we have prepared guns with reduced power. Because of that they can have fun and play safely just like adult players.


Players will be equipped with protective masks covering their entire faces. The masks have size adjustment and protection against accidental slipping. Equipment we use is professional and high quality.


Dear parents! The age limit has been set by convention. It all depends on the participant himself. If he’s 9 years old but is a brave adventurer, he can take part in the fun. However, if he is 11 years old, but he hasn’t yet been interested in extreme sports and prefers to spend time rather calmly – this is not a game for him.


Before booking, we invite you to see the object, fire a few test shots from our guns and decide for yourself if this is what you are looking for. There are many interesting places in Gdansk, we will gladly share our experience in organizing this type of events.

Birthday party for bigger commandos :)

Birthday madness in the form of solid shooting game with friends is the offer for every adventurer. At your disposal there are two different separated game tracks with total area of 1500m² including full facilities: locker rooms, toilets and showers. We have armory with 63 guns to choose from and the best game scenarios.

After the game, we invite you to organize refreshments in our party room. Order what you like best. First a bit of adrenaline, then a birthday cake, pizza and favorite drinks – this is a recipe for an unforgettable birthday party in Gdansk.

Sounds good, huh?

We believe that the best birthday presents are vouchers for unique experience.

Give your dear one something more than just a gift, give the experience.

Vouchers are sent by post or e-mail. It is possible to collect the voucher in person on the arena.

  • The voucher can be booked even for 1 person. The gifted person enters on the basis of a voucher while the rest of participants can pay for the game on the spot.
  • The voucher can also be used on open games, open games schedule can be found on our fanpage
  • You’ll have a lot of time to use it, don’t worry! Vouchers are valid for one year.


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Details of the offer for a birthday party at the Magnum Arena in Gdańsk

Each player will receive full equipment:

  • Fleckatrn uniform
  • PortWest protective gloves
  • Valken protective mask  mask
  • ASG gun replica with a supply of ammunition.


What could your birthday party look like?

First, we will prepare you properly for fun. We will choose the right size of gloves and uniforms, present the rules of the game, then choose guns and learn how to operate them.

After that we will go to the game itself. We will start with a warm-up and continue, gradually varying the fun. Finally, we’ll play something more complicated – the advanced scenario being a kind of mission to accomplish. A great recipe for a birthday fun :)

Our animators will lead the whole event. We will take care of safety, technical issues and course of scenarios.

Finally, we invite you to our party room where you’ll have the opportunity to organize a birthday meeting with friends.

All our birthday parties are closed games

Invite your friends and organize your birthday in Gdańsk at Magnum Arena.

An exemplary course of the birthday game at Magnum Arena in Gdańsk

  1. Preparations take about 20-30 minutes
  2. Start shooting with warm-up game
  3. Some dynamic games like capture the flag or speedsoft game
  4. Change the track to the second one and some advanced games here
    • Plant the bomb
    • Bank robbery
    • Challenge

* All game are guided by instructor that will take care about everything


  • We invite you to our party room, where you can stay and prepare birthday party. We provide a room with tables and chairs (extra paid +5PLN/person/h)

What distinguishes our offer

Special offer for students
The arena is very close to the center of Gdansk
High quality guns, clean and hygienic equipment

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