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Are you looking for a place where you can have fun with your friends over the weekend or evening after work? Magnum Arena is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Gdansk and also a great place to meet friends.

Instead of going to a pub or shopping mall – see how many positive emotions you can experience while playing paintball ASG.

Magnum Arena is one of the most interesting places to spend your free time actively in Gdansk

Paintball ASG is a form of fun in which participants take part in the game using replicas of real firearms shooting 6mm plastic BB pellets playing against each other or team vs. team. In addition, during the game we prepare different scenarios with tasks. The game takes place on an interesting and diverse game area. In addition to classic simple game modes, you have the opportunity to play more advanced scenarios, for example plant the bomb, rob a bank or save the hostages.


At your disposal we have full facilities: locker room, toilets with showers, an armory with 63 guns to choose from. Professional equipment: clean and fresh uniforms, gloves and protective masks with antifog agent applied.


You don’t need to have your own equipment. Everything can be rented on site.


Often on paintball fields equipment is worn out and uniforms … unclean. On our arena we make sure that guns our clients shoot are prepared, work nicely and the uniforms are washed, clean and hygienic.

How to organize a game in Magnum Arena?

First of all, gather a team

3 people are enough. We are prepared for even such a small group. If there are more of you, that’s great, it’s best to play with 6 or more people. The largest group that can play on our arena is 44 people. If you are alone, we invite you to take part in open games.

Book a date

Call, write an email, fill out the reservation form or write on the messenger. That’s all

How to prepare for the game

Details are here

Extreme gameplay at night with flashlights

Yes, it is also possible to play at night. There’s no need to describe it, game full of climate and emotions.


This is something that must be experienced on your own.


You can take your own flashlight and also you can rent it from us. We have armory full of equipment ready.

The game area has ceiling lights. We can turn them on, turn them completely off, or turn on lights on half of the game area. Everything will depend on you and the scenario we’ll play.

Contact us and learn more about how your meeting and game can look like. We have several proven solutions to surprise you :)

Scenario suggestions

Everyone vs. everyone, repsawns after 10 seconds
Looking for hidden treasures while playing against each other or team vs. team
Attackers and defenders
One team is defending, another is attacking.

Game for fun in Magnum Arena Gdańsk

High quality ASG guns. non-fogging protective masks. 100% fun
Game scenarios for everyone, doesn't matter the size of the group.
Discounts for children and students

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