Special scenarios

Special game scenarios available at Magnum Arena

Special scenarios are unique attractions for specific occasions, we can prepare special games like:

  • interesting and fitting scenarios for bachelor parties
  • more demanding teamplay focused games for company and team building events
  • extensive missions for experienced players and teams
  • special missions made for specific events

Special events Gdańsk

We also organize unique events and parties. If you have an idea for your event and would like to organize something unusual, please contact us.


Some of special events we organized:

  • Nimrod One – a simulation in which the assault team had to save hostages held by a terrorist unit. Although it was not possible to save everyone, counter terrorists were able to carry out a successful assault. The whole team was commanded by Task Force Zeus airosft enthusiasts. The game lasted for about 3 hours.
  • Zombie 6pok6lips6 –  series of several Halloween games. A team of adventurers locked in a research center solve different tasks to save themselves. Zombies vs. survivors at it’s best. For now, it is hard to say whether we will repeat this type of event at our new facility.
  • Crushmageddon – a run with obstacles, which participants had to destroy. TVs flying out of windows, broken doors and cars. It was a lot of fun :)
  • Christmas games – we dress up as reindeer, Santa Clauses and play. We hosted similar dress-up games like tracksuit party and others.
  • ASG competitions and championships for companies – with cups and other prizes