Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party in Gdansk? Are you looking for special emotions that day?

Bachelorette party is one of those events that we would like to make unforgettable. An epic girls adventure shrouded in mystery with an element of team play during ASG paintball game.

The Tri-City is certainly one of the most interesting places on the map of Poland. Especially when organizing a bachelorette party.

There are plenty of unusual monuments and charming natural wonders, also the Poland’s number one when it comes to night clubs and night parties- the city of Sopot. Many choose this direction because they want to find amazing tourist attractions, Magnum Arena belongs to one of them. A huge hall for ASG paintball games almost in the very center of Gdańsk. This is what organizers of hen parties or team building events are looking for.

The fun at its best.

The building is specially adapted to this type of fun. Quality equipment, full facilities (toilets, showers, changing room, armory, PartyRoom) and refined gameplay scenarios available to almost everyone on two game areas with total size of ​​over 1500m2.

See below what more we can prepare for you on the occasion of a bachelorette party. In our blog you will also find tips that will help you plan this event.

A hen party adventure in Gdansk

A bit of adrenaline makes a good start to the whole event! The ASG paintball game is a strong dose of adrenaline before the next attractions during the bachelorette party.

Especially for this occasion, we have prepared several special game scenarios and a unique, one of a kind in the entire Tri-City –  pink gun!

The best attractions in the Tri-City? You just found one of them.

Each participant receives from us

    • high quality ASG replica gun to choose from the armory
    • clean and hygienic accessories (uniform and protective gloves)
    • protective masks covered with antifog agent to prevent fogging. It works as it should!

Every bachelorette party is a closed event.

 We play in a closed group of invited friends, and the games are run by animators.

We have two game areas. There may be a situation that at the same time there will be another party on the area alongside. Games are run independently.

In addition to the classic simple scenarios, we recommend our special hen party games

One at all
A Bachelorette Party Challenge for the Bride. Alone or with one helper she will face the rest of the team. She has as many lives as there are all participants. The other girls have one life.
Gold rush
Bride has to collect gold with limited amount of respawns.

What distinguishes our offer for a bachelorette party

Tailored to the atmosphere of a bachelorette party, various gameplay scenarios
Scenarios organized as part of the bachelorette party at Magnum Arena Gdańsk are several dynamic games and two special games. In addition to the classic fight for the flag or domination, you will take on special challenges: the Bride versus the entire team and hidden treasure hunters.
High-quality ASG guns with reduced power
High-quality guns with power adapted to games for bachelorette parties
Close to the city centre
This makes it not only easy to reach us, but also easy to get back or to the next attractions of the evening.
Fresh and hygienic, disinfected equipment
Uniforms and gloves are washed and masks disinfected with Velox spray each time.
Activities all year round, regardless of the weather
Whether rainy or snowy - our hall is a covered building all year round. Showers and a locker room are available on site.
Affordable price and cheap extra ammunition
Compared to a classic paintball, you get more ammunition from the start. In case if you run out, additional bullets cost 8 PLN for 100.

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