Little commandos (10-12 years old)

An incredible attraction for younger adventurers in Gdańsk

Exciting and safe fun for children from 10 years. A unique offer and place on the map of attractions for children in the Tri-City

A specially adapted arena for ASG paintball games with specially prepared equipment with additional reduced power. For the youngest players, we have prepared 20 replica guns that can be used in game without fear.

Our most experienced animators will watch over the fun. In addition to security, we will also prepare games and activities for your children.

Not only the playing field and equipment, but also a party room is at your disposal, there you can organize a party for guests after the game. We provide chairs and tables.

Special offer containing specially adapted ASG paintball scenarios

A real challenge for the participants. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday party or just a meeting in a family or friends group, an adventure full of adrenaline, sweat and strong but positive emotions awaits you.

Each player will receive a full uniform suited to the size of the person. We will fit a protective mask to sit on your head properly and protect it. Then we’ll explain the game, safety rules and choose a gun from a set of 20 different rifles with specially reduced power. We have specially marked them with a letter symbol to differentiate them from full power guns.

After the preparations we’ll go start the fun. Simple scenario to warm up and then we’ll play even more exciting games. There are many options and different missions. The assigned animator will take care of everything.

IMPORTANT information for parents

  • Parents can play and take part in game with children. Parent participation in game is paid.
  • Parents can observe the course of the game for free, both accompanying the animator in running the game and comfortably from the observation deck.
  • Participants are equipped with masks for full face protection. The elastics parts and shape of the mask allows us to adjust it so that it does not slip.
  • Children should be dressed in a comfortable sports outfit that can get dirty.
  • It is not necessary for you to be present during the game. However, children must be picked up later.
  • Dear Parents. The participant’s minimum age has been presented as an overview. This means that brave 9 year olds can also take part in the fun if they want. You decide about it.

If there are doubts whether your child is not too small for such an attraction, we invite you before booking to get to know us and our offer. We are happy to advise you on whether this is the right form of fun when we meet in person on our arena.

Magnum Arena as an unusual attraction for children

The boys love such games :)
But girls can also take part in the game and enjoy it :)

Why Little Commandos is an interesting attraction in the Tri-City for children?

Equipment adapted to younger participants. Comfortable, clean and safe protective accessories.
Interesting, diverse and engaging fun scenarios
If you have any doubts, please contact us and familiarize yourself with our offer directly in the arena

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