G&G GC16 Raider Pink Power

  • Pre-cock system: immediate reaction after trigger is pressed. A much faster working gearbox
  • Ifrit engine: very hard engine that makes the gun even faster
  • Perun trigger system – makes the shooting smoother
  •  Increased supply voltage up to 11,1V 30C battery ElectroRiver – so many more bullets per second
  • BB speed: 300-305fps with 0,2g
  • Fire rate: 23-25 bb/second

X3 - X10 SA-H20/1 EDGE 2.0™ - Chaos Bronze

  • Specna Arms carbine in the Edge version based on the Orion gearbox
  • Gate Aster v2 optical trigger system – fully programmable with a computer program.
  • Optimum parameters ensured. Electronic gear position detector
  • Adaptive active break-system
  • Pre-Cock system: pressing the trigger gives an immediate reaction of the system and an immediate shot.
  • Quantum Trigger: special trigger to increase system sensitivity
  • Power: 340fps Rate of fire: about 20 bullets / s
  • Increased supply voltage to 11.1V 30C with the ElectroRiver battery – the rate of fire and reaction are additionally improved


  • structure 100% burnished steel + solid varnished wood
  • high quality of the mechanism guaranteed by E&L – response to the trigger and premium work culture
  • The best guarantee of realism is the fact that E&L airsoft replicas are assembled in a factory dealing with the production of firearms, and thus, some external elements are identical to the firearms counterpart and come off the same production line. The manufacturer took care of the smallest details to bring their replicas as close as possible to the original.
  • Unique gold painting of the carabiner with special paint and protective varnish – the effect is visible in the photo
  • Muzzle velocity: 320-330 fps
  • Rate of fire about 20 bullets per second
  • Increased supply voltage to 11.1V 30C with the ElectroRiver battery – the rate of fire and reaction are additionally improved

Best experience with Premium Gun is: +30PLN

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How much does it cost?

Examples from our price list:

  • 1,5h games + preparations with full equipment in Saturday is 120PLN/person 


  • 1h games + preparations with full equipment in Saturday is 90PLN/person


  • 1h games + preparations with full equipment for students in Monday at 10:00 is 60 PLN/person


  • 1,5h games + preparations with Premium Package in Sunday is 150PLN/person


Detailed price list is here: [CLICK THE LINK]

How to make reservation?

Fill reservation form. Click “Book a game” box in main menu


Send us an email to bok@magnumarena.pl or contact us through Facebook’s messenger.

Call us: +48505978511

How does the game look like?

  1. Every game is guided by set instructor to your group. We will take care about games, safety and technician issues.
  2. Firstly we have preparations. You will get uniforms, gloves and masks in the changing rooms. Then you choose your bb gun and we explain rules.
  3. Warm-up for the first game that let players get first experience with the game before harder games
  4. Next are dynamic games like Flags, Dominations or similar
  5. Then we play more advanced like Bank Robbery or CounterStrike
  6. After time has elapsed we finish the game. Meeting in changing room to hand over the equipment
  7. Party or meeting in our party room as an option for the final or our event

Does it hurt? Is it painful?

  • We have two levels of power that you can choose: stronger guns for full adrenaline and stronger experience after hit or lower power guns for people looking for lighter game, where hits are safe even for players 10 years old
  • Bullet is much more lighter than in classic paintball. Energy of bullet is lower. But it can be still painful because of piercing/stinging effect. Lower power eliminates this effect to minimum with enough range and accurate of shoots

What is the limit of age?

  • Younger players than 10yo should not take part in the game


  • The minimum age of player is 10 years old


  • Younger players have problems with working with bb guns


  • Equipment will be to heavy for younger players


  • Players 10yo can play independently. They also can meet safely requirements and difficulty level of the game

Send us your phone noumber. We will call you back :)

12:00 - 20:00 (12pm - 8pm)
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