We are moving Magnum Arena to the new localisation. From July 2019 to February 2020 we are closed.

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Where to get huge dose of adrenaline before next attractions during Stag Party? You are in perfect place. Magnum is specialist in organization Stag Parties. Especially on your occasion we prepare Stag Party Scenarios and our special guest will have special pink gun.

Start adventure from ASG game on Magnum Arena!

Offer Game time Ammunition
per player
Additional 100 rounds
of ammunition
Price per person
Monday - Thursday
Price per person
Friday - Sunday
1. 1 hour 300 5 PLN 45 PLN 49 PLN
2. 1,5 hour 450 5 PLN 59 PLN 69 PLN
3.* 2 hours 600 5 PLN 75 PLN 89 PLN
4. 2,5 hours 900 5 PLN 89 PLN 109 PLN
5. 3 hours 1200 5 PLN 105 PLN 129 PLN

Special scenario for stag parties in price! 

Especially recomended for Stag Parties.

During the event are played usually 4 different classic scenarios within one hour. An interesting diversion could be:

Tresure hunters" - Game for the end. There are hidden "cold bottles" in nooks and crannies od old hospital that you need to find during the battle. After that, for relax after shooting, you can consume them in changing room or somewhere else.
In offer 1, scenario cost 6 PLN per person extra. In another offers, game in price.

Mission" - In this scenario, future groom will be the most important. If he die - his team loose.

"All on one" - Bridegroom has as many lifes as other players are in game. Others have one life. We play a short and fast game.

All gorups have exlusive event. Our specialists can make for you games and scenarios that you can choose from our catalogue.

!!! We can organize a special attraciton for you. Ask about sexy dancer specially for bridegroom. Full cost is 450 PLN.

There is a possibility to take shower after shooting. It costs 160 PLN/group.

Every player is equipped with:

  • full uniform, hat/cap + protection for face and eyes and professional gloves ArmoredClaw
  • high quality ASG gun

All games are leaded by specialists.

Do you have individual idea for game? Tell us about it!

→ There is a possibility to organize catering.

We can issue an invoice or simple bill.

We organize two games in the same time, which are completly independent. Zamknij CALENDAR_TIP - Open the calendar in a new window