1-44 Open Game

Join the asg game with other people in Gdansk at Magnum Arena

Join the fun with other people and take part in a large asg party.

Open games that anyone can join are published on our Facebook in the form of events.

Events take place several times a week at different times of the day and also at night. Go to our fanpage and check out the next Open ASG Games at Magnum Arena Gdańsk.

What does it look like - the course of the Open asg game in Magnum Arena?

You should sign up for the game first of all, as there is a limit of places: 32.

To sign up, just write to us in a private message on Messenger for example: I want to sign up for an open game 02.06, I rent equipment.

If there are places, you’ll receive a confirmation in response.

Reservations are non-binding, but please, on behalf of other interested parties: let us know that you cannot come.

  • The schedule of the open game is described on the event page. Regardless of the start time, you can arrive an hour earlier to get ready. If you are with us for the first time, you must appear at the “collection for people for the first time”, i.e. a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of the game.

You can rent from us all equipment or individual components, and even the asg rifle itself. Let us know when you sign up what you need.

You can also take part with your own equipment. Details are described in the next section.

The open game is divided into two rounds separated by a break of 10-15 minutes. The ASG gameplay itself usually lasts about 1.5 hours

What are the rules during open games?

The age limit is 14 years
The rifle’s power limit is 340fps and 1.07J. Each carbine is checked before each game

  • The limit of people on one game is 32
  • We only use single fire
  • We play as a team in a fair-play manner
  • In our arena any quarrels and negative elation are excluded
  • Division into teams according to the principle: we do not separate teams
  • We divide into two groups: the first is people playing for fun and relaxation, seeking relaxation; the second group are ambitious and experienced players looking for a challenge
  • Players using HP, Titan, Perun and similar systems are always included in the second group due to the possession of high class equipment

Open game is an opportunity to regularly train and develop your skills. Games take place several times a week.

Or maybe you would like to join a team?

Paintball ASG in this form allows, among others, to improve reflexes and condition. It’s a great way to discharge your emotions. It’s a great remedy for the soul and body.

Magnum Arena is a great place to meet people, crews and asg games together

Play regularly by entering on a subscription basis

Passes are a cheaper way to shoot in the Arena and a motivator for regular training. In addition, you don’t have to pay every time to enter, but simply enter your subscription number and enter.

  • Tickets can be purchased for 4, 6, 8 entries
  • The pass is valid for 2 months
  • The pass is not personal, so you can pass it to a friend

Ticket price list:

4 entries: 70 PLN

6 entries: 90 PLN

8 entries: 110 PLN

Open Games pricelist

Access to the open game with your own equipment
Rental of the carbine itself with adapted power
The price also includes entry to the game
Full equipment rental
Full equipment
450 balls in price
The instructor's care throughout the entire event
The price also includes entry to the game