All games are shown in our catalogue which could be given for you during your game. We are ready to prepare almost all scenarios in 1-10 minutes. Ask about catalogue your animator/guide.

Advanced games are prepared for players who is looking for more complicated variant of fun. 

These scenarios are recommended for groups which have played ASG, paintball or lasertag. Advance scenario is also prepared when we make events for first-time group that selected 2h game or longer.

It is a great choose for company events or bachelor parties.

Advanced capture the flag: we play capture the flag on 3 or 5 floors in the same time.

Advanced IX company: details during event.

Puns: details during event.

Counter-Strike: first team is counter-terrorist and have to rescue hostages and try to stop second team in their task - plant bombs in marked places.

Domination KillHouse: teams taking control of some points on map during specified time.

Classic domination: teams taking control of some points on map until all of them are marked.

Foolish: details during event.

Treasure hunters: players are looking for treasures in the old hospital.

Hosts: teams are fighting which rescue more hostages.

Millionaires: players ale looking for "money" - vitual money. They can store "money" in treasure room but shuold be wary, beacouse enemy could steal their money.

Some of easy games purposefully do not have description. They are unique and especially prepared for the old hospital, where we prepare all games for you. Our competitors should not have easy way to get to know our best games.


We organize two games in the same time, which are completly independent. Zamknij CALENDAR_TIP - Open the calendar in a new window