Shooting games

Shooting games are characterized by:

  • no specific goal for victory
  • various forms of re spawn
  • focusing on eliminating other players
  • opportunity to test field, techniques, angles etc

Shooting games list:

  • Quake – free for all
  • Molotov coctail – many small groups
  • No limit shooting – just shooting and re spawning
  • Dominating shooting – if your team is stuck in your base – you loose. Re spawn 10sec
  • Shooting 3-5 players – shooting with 3-5 players re spawn
  • Wide shooting – we start from wide side of field
  • One for all – challenge for one
  • Relay – we play 1 vs 1, the person hit is replaced by the next person from the team
  • Waves – we just shooting with one life. Next whistle makes that hit players can go back to game
  • Zombie Rush – hit player become immortal zombie
  • Ninth (IX) – defend your base