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Magnum Arena in Gdansk is the number one place for team play during a team building event

Building the right relationship in a team requires not only business or professional contact at work. Often, you also have to spend fun time, play, experience and take adventures together. It unites the team and has a positive effect on its results We present you with a fantastic form of team building activity, the Paintball ASG team game. If you are planning an integration event in Gdansk, then you are at the right address.


Are you going to party with your friends?

An exhausting day at work? Customers don’t give up? It is time to break away from responsibilities. Book a game now!


A huge dose of positive emotions. Wednesday is just before Thursday, and Thursday is such a small Friday, and Friday is already a weekend in total. Every day is the perfect time to play ASG.


There are two independent game areas with large surface. Over 30 different fun game scenarios and equipment that properly spreads confusion in the ranks of opponents.

Integration event at Magnum Arena Gdańsk

As part of a company event, we offer you a choice of several dynamic scenarios and advanced games. It is the latter that require the team to develop an appropriate plan and joint action to complete the task. During the events you will take part in a bank robbery, plant a bomb and save hostages. You’ll either dominate the field or … be dominated by the opposing team.


Fight and complete tasks together. Only in this way will you achieve success.


A company event in Gdańsk with a taste of adrenaline in the Magnum Arena

Each player will be equipped with:

  • Flecktarn uniform
  • PortWest  protective gloves
  • Valken protective mask coated with antifog agent
  • A ASG gun replica with a supply of ammunition


What can your company event look like?


First, we will prepare you properly for fun. We will choose the right size of gloves and uniforms, present the rules of the game,  then choose guns and learn how to operate them.

Then we will go to the game itself. We will start with a warm-up and continue, gradually we varying the fun. Finally, we’ll play something more complicated – the advanced scenario being a kind of mission to accomplish. It’s almost like company’s training for harder times :)

Our animators will lead the whole event. We will take care of safety, technical issues and course of scenarios.

An example of the integration game at the Magnum Arena in Gdańsk

  1. Group preparations that take 20-30 minutes
  2. Start play with warm-up game
  3. Some dynamic scenarios
  4. Short regeneration, refill of ammo and water
  5. Advanced games like:
    • Bomb
    • Bank robbery
    • Gold rush
    • Prisoners
    • Realization game

* All games are guided by instructor/instructors
* There must be at least 6 people to play advanced games. Maximum players on Magnum Arena are 44


  • You can set company party after shooting, here on Magnum Arena. We provide a room with tables and chairs. You can call for catering, take your own beverages, also alkohol (it is extra paid 5 PLN / person / hour)
Advanced games
The most demanding games
Stay on arena after game
And prepare company meeting in our party room
Do you have time only at night
No problem. We can make also night game with flashlights or normal light like during the day

What distinguishes our offer for an integration event in Gdańsk?

We are close to the city centre of Gdańsk
High quality ASG guns in two power options to choose from
Challenging game scenarios
Affordable prices and VAT invoice - event or integration meeting

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