We are moving Magnum Arena to the new localisation. From July 2019 to February 2020 we are closed.

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We have got about 60 carabines and submachine guns. Among them: G36, M4, AK, MP5. We have plan to add new models.

Before the game, players choose their weapon. The most important is size. Longer barrel means better precision, but worse to operate in narrow spaces. Imprtant could model too. Someone likes AK, someone else likes MP5.

All guns are high quality. We take care of the equipment and check it after every shooting. We know how important in the whole game it is.

All guns are powered by LiPo batteries. Bullets velocity is 280-320 [fps]

You can play with your own gun. We allow guns with velocity under 340 [fps]

If your gun does not meet expectations, report this situation!

Check our new offer: games with handguns.

We organize two games in the same time, which are completly independent. Zamknij CALENDAR_TIP - Open the calendar in a new window